Testimony from an articling student

Testimony from an articling student

The articling program is an important period between the completion of the university degree and the beginning of one's professional practice. Very frequently, the articling student has little experience in the legal domain and therefore must, from the beginning of his(her) articling, quickly assimilate and adapt to his(her) new working environment. I hope that the following information will help to guide you and answer some of your questions with respect to the articling program at LJT.

The arrival

Upon your arrival, you will have the opportunity to meet each and every member of the firm. LJT insists on such presentation to favour communication and your integration. The firm also provides you with sufficient documents to guide you with respect to the most common tasks which you will be called upon to perform.


For LJT, it is very important that each new articling student be rapidly integrated within a team. To such effect, you can count on the collaboration of your colleagues and the help of previous articling students to assist you and facilitate your integration.

First mandate

The first mandates are important! Accordingly, please make sure that you understand the question clearly. Should you require any specific tools or if you are not be familiar with the research tools which are available, please do not hesitate to contact your articling supervisor who will assist you.

Articling supervisor

The articling supervisor is your reference person throughout the entire duration of your internship. He(she) will answer your questions and you can refer to him(her) with respect to your needs, your workload, a specific file which you are working on or any other subject.

Different areas of practice

Although the articling program does not include a specific rotation within each different area of practice of the firm, the articling student will be called upon to work in the various areas of practice of the firm, each of which requires different knowledge and abilities. The mandates vary depending on the active files, but the articling supervisor will supervise the granting of mandates so that you obtain a valuable experience from each area of practice.

The size of the firm enables you to rapidly obtain a high level of responsibility and acquire a great practical experience in the work performed.

You will rapidly increase your knowledge in law and learn to manage your workload while interacting with the other professionals of the firm, as well as participate in meetings with clients.


The firm comprises a great variety of professionals working in various fields of expertise which constitutes a rich environment for an articling student who wishes to develop his(her) career. LJT is recognized for its dynamism, its team spirit, its convivial working environment, the transfer of knowledge to the young attorneys and their implication towards the future of the firm.

A great diversity in the type of mandates received and a rich human experience, this is what awaits you during your articling at Legault Joly Thiffault. You will be exposed to a working environment which will be conducive to the development of your professional aptitudes and in which you will also discover an excellent team spirit, trust, respect and professionalism among your colleagues.

Mtre Grégory Larroque
(Articling Student 2006-2007)


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Why LJT was choosen ?

« For our dynamic and strategic approach, well adapted to the ever changing business world. » - Nicolas Lassonde, partner and lawyer
« For the variety of law areas in which the students are required to work, but especially for the opportunity to launch their career by integrating a friendly and exciting team. » - Stéphanie Desrosiers, lawyer and articling student 2012

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Corporate Brochure

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