Articling Program

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Established in 1979, the Montreal-based law firm of Legault Joly Thiffault provides services to the business community in the following fields of practice: Business Law, Taxation, Real Estate, Publicity, Entertainment, Intellectual Property, Litigation, and Conflict Resolution.

Our experience and our expertise in these fields of practice and our ability to adapt to the requirements of the continuously-evolving business world have long been recognized. Moreover, to better prepare ourselves for the upcoming challenges, we have diversified our team of specialists and use cutting edge communication tools and research technology.

Our success in resolving complex legal problems in a practical, economic and result-oriented manner has enabled our firm to maintain sustained growth, which currently comprises more than 30 professionals, all determined to contribute to the success of their clients and the firm.

Articling Program

The unfolding of the internship

The articling student will be exposed to each of the areas of practice will of the firm.

We believe that this manner of proceeding enables the articling students to discover, from the onset of their practice, their interest in certain fields of law. This also enables the articling students to develop versatility while enabling them to become acquainted with all professionals working within each different sector of the firm.


Each articling student is affected to three professionals who work in the principal areas of practice of the firm. Their role is to guide, advise and help the articling student during his(her) articling so that he(she) may obtain the best exposure and experience within each of the sectors. The articling supervisor acts as a reference person and as principal mentor of the articling student. He will conduct periodic evaluations throughout the articling period and will solicit comments and suggestions from the articling student with respect to his(her) experience.

Mandates and responsibilities

During the articling, we encourage communication and exchanges with the professionals of the firm. The articling student will receive his(her) mandates directly from the professionals and thereafter be able to manage and organize his(her) workload depending on the requirements of the various mandates. We do not hesitate to delegate responsibilities to our articling students given that we feel it is important to get them rapidly involved and exposed to the profession.

Working tools

All tools required for the performance of the mandates are made available to the articling student. Each articling student has his(her) own office and computer, together with access to a library which comprises the most pertinent publications. We also have access to all the major online databases which provide immediate access to all important decisions.

The articling student may also count on the help of the various support employees working in the different areas of practice of the firm.

Objective of the Articling

For LJT, articling is much more than mere professional training. Our articling students greatly contribute to the future and success of the firm which is why we devote substantial time and effort to their integration from the onset. We seek candidates who have a variety of experiences and interests, who are curious and who have a desire to learn and work in a team environment.

Our Philosophy

We highly value the importance of training our young professionals. The articling students and young lawyers of our firm work closely with all of our professionals, including the more experienced, in order to favour the transfer of their knowledge and professional expertise.


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Why LJT was choosen ?

« For our dynamic and strategic approach, well adapted to the ever changing business world. » - Nicolas Lassonde, partner and lawyer
« For the variety of law areas in which the students are required to work, but especially for the opportunity to launch their career by integrating a friendly and exciting team. » - Stéphanie Desrosiers, lawyer and articling student 2012