February 9 2016

Immigration Canada: New Work Permit Categories Created

Rousseau Philippe J.

The two new categories cover the following situations:

  • foreign nationals whose work is essential to television or film production
  • foreign nationals who wok in the fields of dance, opera, orchestra and theatre.

  • Foreign nationals whose work is essential to television or film production and allows to create and maintain important economic opportunities and benefits for Canadians and permanent residents.

This exemption applies to television and film production in Canada, regardless of whether the production is foreign or Canadian or whether filming takes place entirely or in part in Canada.

  • Foreign nationals who work in the fields of dance (e.g. ballet or contemporary dance), opera, orchestra and theatre, and whose work brings competitive advantages and reciprocal benefits to all Canadians, including artists and performing arts organizations.

Foreign resources who meet the criteria can be given Canadian work permits for a period of up to two years.

These two exemptions allow Canadian companies to recruit foreign talents without going through the lengthy and costly exercise of a Labour Market Impact Assessment, necessary for Canadian employers to obtain authorization from federal and provincial authorities before hiring a foreign worker.

This is good news for the Canadian film and entertainment industry!

Inform Your Foreign Visitors!

As of March 15 of this year, foreign travellers exempt from the visa obligation who are taking a flight to Canada or travelling through Canada to reach their final destination will have to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

This measure applies essentially to tourists or business people who are citizens of visa-exempt countries, such as British nationals or citizens of EU member states, Australians or Japanese, for example.

Therefore, a British person coming to Canada for a one-week vacation or a Belgian employee from a foreign branch coming to attend meetings will both have to obtain eTAs. It should be noted that transit passengers will also have to obtain an eTA.

The eTA is an online registration, similar to the American ESTA. It will be valid for five (5) years. The only documents required are a valid passport, an email address and a credit card to pay the seven (7)-dollar fees.

Here is the link to obtain an eTA.

This requirement does not apply to United States citizens and to foreign nationals with valid visas. However, holders of a green card must obtain an eTA. Canadian citizens, including dual nationals, are not affected.

For holders of a Canadian work permit:

If the work permit was issued before August 1, 2015, an eTA will be required beginning March 15 of this year.

Otherwise, if the permit was issued after August 1, 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada has automatically issued an eTA along with the work permits.

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Did you know that ...

All the sums collected under the Immigrant Investor Program are used to finance Quebec companies at a good rate, contributing to the successful development of local companies.


Rousseau Philippe J.
Philippe J. Rousseau
As an experienced business immigration lawyer, Philippe assists multinationals as well as small companies.
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