June 1 2015

Facebook Promotion Rules Change: They Like Me; They Like Me Not

Written jointly with Me François B. Clément

Since November 5, 2014, Facebook has changed the rules of the game for advertisers. Indeed, according to the updated Platform Policy companies are no longer allowed to encourage consumers to use the “Like” function to access hidden content published on companies’ pages. According to this new rule, it seems that companies are no longer allowed to incentivize consumers to “like” a page in order to, for example, enter a publicity contest.


The wording of this new rule seems to indicate that it applies only to promotions carried out by the pages’ administrators and not to the content itself. Nothing seems to forbid content published on a page being, in practice, reserved to users that have liked the page, so long as no promotion is carried out on the page or elsewhere to encourage users to click on “Like” to access content. Facebook had already forbidden in its Facebook Page Terms the use of Personal Timelines to administer promotions. Publicity contest developers will have to up their game. No doubt new strategies will come into play soon.

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