September 28 2018

LJT Avocats is proud to represent the parents of Association des souscripteurs et des bénéficiaires de REEE collectifs

Wisniewski Jeremy

LJT Avocats is proud to represent the parents of "Association des souscripteurs et des bénéficiaires de REEE collectifs" with respect to Universitas RESP plans.  Such plans provided for the concept of attribution whereby students who abandoned their studies yielded their accrued revenue to those who completed their studies.  The plans were modified in fall 2017 lowering payment admission criteria.  Consequently, many parents have seen the value of of their investment melt, in certain cases by thousands of dollars. Article published in French.

Press coverage (articles available in French):

LaPresse+, Rentrée houleuse chez Universitas

LaPresse, La grogne monte contre Universitas

La Facture - Radio-Canada, Universitas, des REEE modifiés

Les Affaires, Universitas en rappel

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Wisniewski Jeremy
Jeremy Wisniewski
Jeremy Wisniewski practices in the fields of commercial arbitration and litigation.
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