janvier 30 2017

Extended passing-off: what grounds for which applications?

Jonnaert Caroline

On January 26, Caroline Jonnaert presented a conference on the theory of extended passing-off to the members of the Regroupement des praticiens en marques de commerce (RPM).

According to this theory, there is extended passing-off when an advertiser falsely suggests that his/her products or services are approved, authorized or endorsed by another advertiser or that there is a relationship between the advertisers. Although this theory has not been covered by many decisions in Canada, it is often referred to in the specialized field of advertising law. In her conference, Caroline has presented the theory of extended passing-off and discussed its origins, constitutive components and possible lines of defence.

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2017 May 23

Bill 134 to modernize the CPA: overview of proposed changes

On May 2nd, Bill no. 134: An Act mainly to modernize rules relating to consumer credit and to regulate debt settlement service contracts, high-cost credit contracts and loyalty programs was introduced to modify the Consumer Protection Act, among other laws.

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