octobre 15 2015

Foreign workers: a new and additional process upon Canadian companies

Rousseau Philippe J.

The CIC, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, imposes a new and additional process upon Canada companies hiring termporary foreign workers.

Starting October 26, 2015, a new electronic system called "the Employer Portal" will replace form IMM5802

Currently, form IMM5802 has to completed and submitted by email along with the 230 dollar fee receipt.

Starting October 26, 2015, the information it contained as well as the employer compliance formalities will need to be submitted through this new portal and form IMM5802 will no longer be accepted.

A word of caution:

If you have already provided a completed IMM 5802 to a foreign worker, he/she should submit a work permit application prior to November 21, 2015. Should the foreign worker arrive at a later date, you will need to submit your Offer of Employment again by using the Employer Portal.

The Employer Portal should be available on CIC’s website on October 26, 2015.


Make sure that no foreign worker submits an application after November 21 with an IMM 5802. This is especially critical for foreign nationals who may apply for their work permit at a Land Border post or at an airport.

You still have to pay the 230 dollar fee.

This new formality is part of the controlling measures that CIC is forcing upon Canadian companies.

If possible, you should allow for a few days between submitting online and the arrival of the foreign worker. CIC’s system has indeed proven to not being immune from bugs.

Your LJT team will revert back with further information on this new Employer Portal.

Did you know that ...

As the employer of a foreign worker, you are under the obligation to keep certain documents for a 6-year period.

Rousseau Philippe J.
Philippe J. Rousseau
As an experienced business immigration lawyer, Philippe assists multinationals as well as small companies.
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