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Ms Pascale Gouin honored by The Breakfast Club

On Monday night, Ms. Pascale Gouin was honoured by the Breakfast Club of Canada in the presence of many members of Montreal’s business and arts communities. She has been named Club Ambassador Member by its president, Mr. Daniel Germain, for her involvement for nearly 15 years now in the organisation.

Ms. Gouin has volunteered all these years not to receive honours, but because she strongly believes in this organisation which helps feed 150,000 children every day across Canada. Children from poor families who wouldn’t have the same opportunities to succeed without the Breakfast Club of Canada. “I cannot do miracles for them. I can only try to do my best for the Club by volunteering my time by providing legal advice as well as by being on the board of directors. What I have learned from my experience with the Club is that each person who gets involved benefits greatly in return, from the volunteers serving breakfast each morning in schools and who make a difference in children’s hearts to business people who support the Club financially.”

What she has learned from all those years is that the most important thing is to get involved, no matter how. It is rewarding not only for the cause that one supports, but also for the act of giving, she further adds.

It is with great honour that she has accepted the title of Club Ambassador Member bestowed to her last Monday and she has proudly shared this honour with the members of the LJT Lawyers team, which already supports this important and significant cause.

Our firm is particularly proud to recognize the efforts invested by Ms. Pascale Gouin, partner, and recognizes how important getting involved is to the well-being of the community and particularly of the children who represent our future.

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