juin 6 2012

Ms. Caroline Jonnaert and Ms. Julie Maronani give a presentation about advertising on the Web… in a few keywords

On May 6, 2012, Ms. Caroline Jonnaert and Ms. Julie Maronani, who practise in the fields of advertising and entertainment law and intellectual property, will give a presentation entitled “Publicité sur le Web : marquez votre territoire”[Advertising on the Web:, mark your territory] before members of the Quebec Technology Association (AQT).

Ms. Jonnaert and Ms. Maronani will discuss paid inclusion in regards to Canadian trade-mark law. This increasingly common advertising technique provides advertisers with the opportunity to bid on selected terms as keywords (among which competitors’ trade-marks) which are made available by search engines (such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing). This way, when an Internet user performs a search on the Web, sponsored listings associated with the keywords entered appear on the results page. When a company performs a search concerning its trade-marks, sponsored listings may sometimes appear for a competitor’s products or services. Is this practice allowed under Canadian trade-mark law? Does the Trade-mark Act include any remedies for companies who wish to prevent third parties from using their trade-marks in this way?

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