avril 30 2012

Ticket resellers: The show must go on… but not at any price.

As of June 7th, 2012, no merchant will be allowed to sell to a consumer a ticket for a show, sporting or cultural event, exhibition or any other kind of entertainment at a price greater than the one announced by the vendor authorized by the event producer.
Indeed, section 236.1 of the Consumer Protection Act will come into force on that date. This section of Bill 25 aims to prohibit ticket resellers from buying tickets in bulk and reselling them to consumers at a higher price.
Such practice will no longer be possible unless the event producer has consented to it.
The law will not prohibit the resale of tickets at a different price between consumers, but it will allow the Office de la protection du consommateur to institute penal proceedings against professional resellers who do not abide by this new section.
For more information, visit the website of the Office de la protection du consommateur where you will find the press release.  

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