Estate and testamentary planning

It is never too early to start thinking about the future. Personalized estate planning can allow you to significantly reduce taxes upon death and maximise your family wealth.

In light of your personal and financial situation, your planning can be simple or more complex and each aspect should be personalised to your needs in order to achieve your goals. Effective planning should not only reduce your taxes upon death but also minimize the taxes your family will have to eventually pay.

Estate planning can even allow you to maintain control over your assets for several generations. If you happen to own a business, estate planning can help you ensure that transfers within the business are both orderly and in accordance with your wishes.

How we can help you:

Income taxes upon death:
Upon death, an individual is deemed to have disposed of their assets for an amount equal to their value immediately prior to their death. Proper tax planning should take advantage of available tax deferral options and tax-free roll-overs in order to minimize taxes payable upon death.

Estate freeze: If you are a business owner, a timely estate freeze is recommended as a way to transfer future capital gains to a family trust.

Testamentary trust: Effective estate planning has to include an update of your will. In your will, it is possible to provide for the creation of testamentary trusts for the gradual transfer of the estate to your heirs. A spousal trust can even allow you to control the transfer of your assets upon the death of your spouse.

Did you know that...

A testamentary trust is a separate taxpayer, subject to a progressive tax rate in the same manner as an individual?

Did you know that ...

Your wealth and life is constantly changing, a will must be reviewed every five (5) years?


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