Restructuring, Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Our recognized expertise in this field is often sought out by companies in financial difficulty with whom we will prepare a strategy for restructuring. We will also see to the negotiation and drafting of agreements with creditors. We have the resources to help you either purchase a business in difficulty or arrange its financing to avoid bankruptcy.

In order to reach our goal, we adapt to our clients' needs by paying attention to their expectations and by respecting their company’s culture. This approach allows us to be more than just your lawyers, but also partners who share both your vision and objectives.

How we help you:

We intervene before the courts in all aspects related to this specialty such as to obtain stock and real estate surety bonds or the placement in bankruptcy of a party. We represent creditors, lenders or syndicates of co-owners.

In-depth Knowledge: Often called on to intervene in cases that require advanced expertise in this area, we will quickly provide you with an opinion which is often based on previous research or a case recently pleaded by our firm.

Legal Opinion: We can provide an opinion concerning the validity of hypothecs held by secured creditors or the validity of proofs of claims.

Financial Restructuring: Working with the commercial sector in our examination, we will ensure that you are presented with all possible options with regard to a financial turnaround of your company, including the opportunity to contemplate a proposal or the process in accordance with the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act.

Did you know that...

Non-arm’s length transactions occurring within one year prior to bankruptcy can be annulled by the court.

As a creditor of the bankrupt, you have the right to monitor the actions of the syndicate and administration of the bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy of one of your debtors prevents you from instituting proceedings with regard to an account, but does not prevent you from executing a secured debt.

Subject to acceptance by the majority of your creditors and ratification of the courts, it is possible to avoid bankruptcy by presenting them with a proposal for payment which will allow you to pay only a portion of your debts over an extended period.

Did you know that ...

The bankruptcy of one of your debtors prevents you from instituting proceedings with regard to an account, but does not prevent you from seizing your collateral.


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2016 July 11

Non-competition and exclusivity clauses are having a hard time

On January 19, 2016, the Superior Court looked into a litigious situation which emphasises the importance of properly writing non-competition and exclusivity clauses, and the burden it can be to ensure they are respected.

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Denis Godbout
Denis Godbout
Mr. Godbout's practice focuses on civil and commercial litigation, in construction law and commercial real estate.
Raymond L'Abbé
Raymond L'Abbé
Mr. L'Abbé has over 25 years of practice in construction law.Mr. L'abbé is also a certified arbitrator.
Pierre Éloi Talbot
Pierre Éloi Talbot
Mr. Talbot's practice covers all aspects of civil and commercial litigation, labor and administrative law.