Trademarks are an important asset that a company needs to protect. That’s why we offer our clients a complete service with regard to trademark protection both in Canada and abroad.

We have a vast trademark expertise that allows us to provide opinions as to the availability of your trademarks and their registrability. We can also proceed with registration in opposition, if necessary, to objections by a third-party. Furthermore, we can provide you with opinions in the case of trademark infringement, advise you of the means to end infringement, and represent you in the event of a legal challenge, or before the courts.

Our diverse clientele allows us to work in different sectors, notably in advertising, new technologies, as well as industrial and consumer products in the global marketplace.

How we help you:

Trademark Agents: Our specialized trademark lawyers are trademark agents qualified to respond to your questions, advise you and give you opinions, that are both useful and insightful, on different aspects of this major asset.

Our Correspondents: We have developed a close collaboration with international correspondents in whom we have the utmost confidence. They help us protect and manage efficiently your trademark portfolio on a global scale.

Marketing and Advertising: We can help you with good practices related to using your trademarks, or those of third parties, in your advertising messages. Our goal is to provide you with maximum protection of your trademarks while careful to respect the rights of third parties in your use of their trademarks.

Transactions and the Granting of Licenses: We will represent you in negotiating and drafting licensing agreements and contracts transferring certain elements of intellectual property. In addition, we will perform due diligence concerning intellectual property involved in any transaction.

Did you know that...

We can quickly perform a preliminary research on the availability of a trademark before you present your clients or partners with a new slogan or trademark that may engender confusion with an existing trademark and therefore cannot be used.

Did you know that ...

The license granted by a photo bank, with which you do business, does not always authorize you to modify the photograph or to create a new image by means of a photo montage.


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2017 May 23

Andrée-Anne Jeansonne et Caroline Jonnaert published in les Cahiers de propriété intellectuelle

To what extent can a company refer to a third party trademark when promoting its own goods or services, particularly if such reference may erroneously lead consumers to believe there is a link between the two entities?

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Cindy Bélanger
Cindy Bélanger
Ms. Cindy Belanger practices in intellectual property as well as in advertising and marketing law.
Sophie Deschênes-Hébert
Sophie Deschênes-Hébert
Ms. Deschênes-Hébert advises advertisers and advertising agencies for their campaigns.