Intellectual Property Business Agreements

Latest Expertise. We have the latest expertise in negotiating and drafting agreements for licensing, distribution and use of intellectual property.

To Know You Better is to Serve You Better
. Our goal is to gain a thorough knowledge of your company’s activities in order to better advise you. We work closely with you to ensure that the drafting of agreements and understandings are adapted to your needs and your situation.

We can structure, in a coherent and thorough manner, all your contractual relationships with business partners, to facilitate the use and management of your intellectual property.

How we help you:

Modeling and Standardisation: We can help you to model and standardize the contracts that you use regularly. We can keep you informed of legislative developments and changes in jurisprudence relevant to your company, in a way that ensures regular updating of your templates.

Did you know that…

We can offer an intelligence service to advise you at the right time to exercise options or transmit notices as required under your contracts.

Did you know that ...

The use of freelance services often requires more than a simple order form.


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2017 May 23

Andrée-Anne Jeansonne et Caroline Jonnaert published in les Cahiers de propriété intellectuelle

To what extent can a company refer to a third party trademark when promoting its own goods or services, particularly if such reference may erroneously lead consumers to believe there is a link between the two entities?

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