Transfer of family businesses

The successful transfer of a family business to the next generation is one of the big challenges in business transitions. Our professionals will guide you in establishing agreements aimed at facilitating the transfer of your company.

The transfer of a family business requires special attention, above all because of the personal context and the potential tax impact of the transaction.

Our professionals will advise you on the most suitable structure for the anticipated transaction in the context of the various scenarios we propose. The economic value of the business will be an important consideration as will the source of funds for purchasing the shares and the tax implications for the parties involved.

How we help you :

Transaction Structure: We recommend the most suitable structure for the transaction in order to facilitate the transfer of the company, while taking into account the tax and economic aspects.

Contractual Agreements: We prepare the legal documents in connection with the transaction, anticipating, in particular, the required protections related to the risks assumed or methods of payment, as the case may be.

Complete Guidance: Our multidisciplinary team supervises the different aspects of the transaction, while simplifying the process for transferring the company.

Did you know that…

The transfer of a business necessitates substantial preparation in order to minimize the tax impact and facilitate the financing of the transaction.

Several structures are offered to allow for the transfer of a family enterprise, but the final choice will be influenced by the financial and tax aspects of the transaction. 

Adequate planning helps avoid the pitfalls which may otherwise be present in purchase transaction.

Did you know that ...

The inclusion of share purchase options in the share purchase agreement may allow management to stretch out the transition period of the acquisition.


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