Research and monitoring agreements

In the case of clinical research and monitoring, our firm advises you with the goal of protecting your rights and minimizing the risk of lawsuits.

In the negotiation of clinical research and monitoring agreements, it is critical to have legal counsel validate the commercial agreements. Our professionals will help you specify the other party’s obligations while limiting your liability to factors under your direct control.

How we help you:

Clinical Research Agreements: We take an active role in the negotiation and conclusion of clinical research agreements. We help revise agreements in process in order to limit risks related to your interventions and to specify the obligations of the other parties, particularly with respect to compensation and insurance.

Monitoring Agreements: The preparation of a schedule of tasks and responsibilities plays a fundamental role in the conclusion of any monitoring agreement. Such an agreement also requires provisions concerning compensation of parties, as well as limitations of liability.

Did you know that…

A clinical research agreement must incorporate commitments to adequate compensation and be adapted in terms of the type of study and associated risks.

The use of a separate legal entity for the purpose of a clinical study is not only often possible but is highly recommended, especially when the clinical studies carry a higher level of risk for complications.

Did you know that ...

The conclusion of a new distribution or licensing agreement involves a period of adjustment for each party. This must be kept in mind when working out a new commercial agreement.


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