Real Estate Titles

We can assist you with the acquisition, sale and development of real estate properties. We can also proceed with title examination to establish the quality of the titles of a real estate property and the charges affecting such property (hypothecs, servitudes, leases and the like).

Prior to any acquisition of real estate property, it is important to ensure that the seller has a good and marketable title. To such effect, a title examination is essential, by analyzing the titles of transfer of the real estate property and the charges affecting it on a period of time that will extend between 51 years to more than one hundred years.

This title examination may reveal any problem affecting the real estate property and will enable the professional to inform the client on the opportunity of correcting such problem and the manner to do so.

How we help you:

Acquisition of real estate property:
When you intend to purchase real estate property, we will advise you about the ownership structure, the title examination and the drafting of all legal documentation (sale, mortgage, servitude and the like) as well as the coordination and the obtainment of all necessary information and documentation relating to your transaction.

Real estate development: If you consider real estate development, we can help you to choose between a vast array of professionals who will supervise the realization of your project (such as town planners and land surveyors) and also help you to gather all the necessary legal documents.

Did you know that…

When a problem is revealed by title examination, title insurance may be available. If such a problem cannot be solved on a short-term basis, this insurance could end up being very helpful.

If you know the lot number of a specific immovable property, you may access the Quebec Land Register to peruse the deeds affecting such immovable property.

Did you know that ...

Your family will choose the person who will represent you if you do not have a mandate of incapacity and this person will not have the obligation to respect your wishes.


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Yves Emard
Yves Emard
Mr. Yves Emard practices in the field of business law and settlement of estates.