Estate planning and succession settlements

An effective estate planning protects your inheritance by foreseeing all legal, financial and tax consequences resulting from death. It insures the transmission of your property, in accordance with your wishes.

In collaboration with our tax and corporative team, we evaluate your situation and recommend personalized strategies for the transmission of your property and your patrimony preservation. We analyze the best strategies in accordance with your objectives and priorities as well as your financial situation. We then draft a customized will in respect with your wishes.

In spite of a complete will, the liquidation of a succession involves complex legal and tax procedures. To avoid administrative problems, we can assist you during those procedures. We will produce all needed documentation for the liquidation of the succession in respect with the Civil Code of Quebec rules and we will insure the protection of your heirs.

How we help you:

If you are the testator: We advise you and recommend a planning strategy in respect of your wishes in order to draft a precise and unequivocal will.

If you are the liquidator: We assist you in the property management of the succession to respect the legal and tax regulations.

If you are an heir: We explain in details all the consequences of death and see to the protection of the transmitted inheritance.

Did you know that…

If you don’t have a will, the law will prescribe the transmission of your property without consideration for your family, financial or tax situation.

Did you know that ...

Notaries are authorized to institute the procedures required for the homologation of your mandate of incapacity and for the institution of protective supervision.


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