Management buyout

Our firm frequently advises companies or their managers when an entity is acquired by their executive team. Our advisors are equipped to take on the corporate, commercial and tax aspects of such transactions.

Implementing a transaction for the acquisition of a company by its executive team requires a thorough understanding of the business environment and the dynamics between the parties involved.

Our advisors know how to guide you and provide you with the efficient advices for a transaction tailored to your needs, while creating solutions appropriate to the economic environment surrounding a company.

How we help you:

Letters of Agreement: We take an active role in the drafting and negotiating the Letters of Agreement pertaining to the transaction between the shareholders and executive officers.


Tailored Payment Methods: Our professionals can put in place payment methods tailored to the economic environment in which the company operates.


Taxation Intrinsic to Transactions: Our tax professionals advise you on the ways to minimize the tax impact of transactions revolving around a management buyout.

Did you know that…

The purchase transaction may be structured in a way that the acquisition is financed with profits from the acquired company’s operations, with no negative impact on the company’s financial ratios.


The inclusion of share purchase options in the share purchase agreement may allow management to stretch out the transition period of the acquisition.

Did you know that ...

Even though the transaction involves two parties located in two different states, it is possible to submit any litigation to the laws of a third state, even if neither the transaction nor the parties have any relationship with this third state.


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