If you wish to establish a corporate or contractual partnership, our professionals will assist you during the drafting and negotiation of joint venture agreements.

The creation of a joint venture requires substantial analysis of each company’s needs as well as clear identification of the rights and obligations of each party.

Our firm has assisted in the creation of numerous joint ventures and in the conclusion of conglomerate agreements in many different sectors. Whatever your business project, our professionals will know how to guide you.

How we help you:

Choice of structure for the joint venture: We help you choose a structure for your joint venture, whether it’s limited to a contractual structure or it requires setting up corporate entities accompanied by agreements between the appropriate shareholders.  


Rules of participation: We take an active role in the preparation of rules pertaining to profits and loss sharing, clearly identifying each party’s rights and obligations.


Risks and tax impact: We recommend the most efficient structure for the purpose of protecting your rights while at the same time reducing your risks and any negative tax impact.

Did you know that…

A joint venture can be established in several stages, dependent upon the progression of the joint project, the level of risk and the underlying profitability.

Some projects, of a sporadic nature, can very well be managed as a joint venture established on a contractual basis, whereas a joint project with a high level of risk more often necessitates the creation of a corporate joint venture.

When setting up joint venture projects, it is crucial to verify the tax rules as they relate to the project concerned as well as the rules pertaining to the commercial partner’s operations.

Did you know that ...

A federally-incorporated organization must be registered in each of the provinces where it carries on its commercial activities, in accordance with the criteria established by each province’s legislation. A provincially-incorporated company must also be registered in the other provinces, to the extent that the company’s activities in a particular province meet the criteria established by that province’s legislation.


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Christian Joly
Christian Joly
Mr. Joly acts as a legal counsel for corporations for their acquisitions, the financing and their reorganization.
Nicolas Lassonde
Nicolas Lassonde
Mr. Lassonde advises mid-size corporations on the various aspects of their legal environment.
Barnoëla Pierre
Barnoëla Pierre
Ms. Pierre's practice focuses primarily on corporate law.