Business Immigration

Our immigration lawyers are able to address all of your needs when it comes to immigration and labour mobility, no matter how big or small your company or business project is in Canada.

Our team works closely with our labour law and tax professionals to offer you a practical approach that covers all the aspects of international mobility. Based on our multidisciplinary approach, we take care of all the procedures related to immigration and advise on all aspects related to labour, social security and tax law.

Furthermore, our expertise enables us to help you with all the procedures relating to your project, especially those destined for the United States and Europe.

Did you know that ...

Since the spring of 2015, you cannot be infringing Canadian tax rules if you wish to obtain Canadian citizenship.


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2016 February 9

Immigration Canada: New Work Permit Categories Created

The two new categories cover the following situations:

  • foreign nationals whose work is essential to television or film production
  • foreign nationals who wok in the fields of dance, opera, orchestra and theatre.

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