Our firm often advises companies on the development of franchise agreements, no matter the field.

Our professionals can advise you on working out a franchise agreement or on negotiating the major principles of an agreement involving whichever business project you have chosen.

We are able to advise you through the entire franchising process, working out the major commercial aspects until the time comes to determine the applicable operating conditions.

How we help you:

Franchise Agreement: With your collaboration, we develop the main conditions of your franchise project and at the same time, review the corporate, tax and legal aspects of the business model. In addition, we advise you with regard to the protection of intellectual property rights.

Operating Conditions: We take an active role in the drafting of the franchise operating conditions to ensure that the provisions meet all parties’ business needs.

Negotiation of Agreements: We represent you through negotiations to the conclusion of a contract. We protect your rights and explain to you as simply as possible, the most complex legal problems.

Did you know that…

Franchising can be used as a very efficient way to develop a business, by minimizing start-up costs and reducing operating risks.

Two important aspects of franchising involve control of intellectual property, such as a trademark, and control of business premises, especially for retail sales franchises.

The drafting of a franchise agreement demands a thorough analysis of the aggregate of transactions involved in a business project.

Did you know that ...

The use of standard contracts for your employees and managers minimizes the risks of iniquities and thereby reduces the number of disputes linked to employment.


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Christian Joly
Christian Joly
Mr. Joly acts as a legal counsel for corporations for their acquisitions, the financing and their reorganization.