Employment and services agreements

Our firm has the necessary expertise to advise you for the purpose of drafting and concluding employment contracts with managers and employees, or consulting agreement with consultants.

Our professionals advise you in the preparation of employment agreements (for managers and executives for example, along with a standard employment agreement for full and part-time employees) and service agreements, with the goal of always protecting your interests and rights.

Both the legal and tax aspects are covered when putting in place such agreements, in conjunction with other restrictive clauses, such as intellectual property, non-competition, non-solicitation and confidentiality.

How we help you:

Drafting of Standard Agreements: We proceed with the drafting of standard agreements that apply to all your company’s employees. The agreements are then adapted, based on the nature of your operations and in a way that ensures protection of your rights and interests.

Negotiation of Agreements: We negotiate, on your behalf, major employment contracts as well as service agreements and subcontracting agreements. We formulate recommendations adapted to meet your company’s business needs, by focusing on your interests and rights.

Did you know that…

The use of standard contracts for your employees and managers minimizes the risks of iniquities and thereby reduces the number of disputes linked to employment.

Employment and service contracts must contain the standard restrictions concerning confidentiality, non-competition, non-solicitation and intellectual property.

In the case of dismissal without cause, non-competition clauses cease to apply.

Did you know that ...

Two important aspects of franchising involve control of intellectual property, such as a trademark, and control of business premises, especially for retail sales franchises.


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Julie-Anne Archambault
Julie-Anne Archambault
Ms. Julie-Anne Archambault practices in business law, mainly in information technologies and intellectual property.
James Fisher
James Fisher
Mr Fisher has been actively providing legal counseling to small and medium sized clients for over twenty years.