Cross-border transactions

Our firm often assists companies in cross-border transactions. In the current economic context of market globalization, companies must be prepared to quickly expand beyond the borders of their local jurisdiction. Our professionals possess the latest expertise in international transactions.

The carrying out of a transaction with a company located in another jurisdiction requires a strategic approach in order to provide you with the right advice at minimum cost.

With our advisors’ vast experience in cross-border transactions, we will guide you through all aspects of the transaction: commercial, corporate, taxation, intellectual property rights, regulatory and the like.

How we help you:

Pre-contractual agreements: We take an active role in drafting and negotiating pre-contractual agreements aimed at bringing two parties together for a cross-border transaction.

Choice of jurisdiction and forum: We advise you on the interpretation of laws applicable to your transaction and the selection of a competent forum in the case of a dispute between the parties.

Strategic legal and tax advice: Werecommend the most efficient structures in order to limit your liability and gain the maximum tax advantage from cross-border transactions.

Did you know that…

A cross-border transaction demands that the parties not only abide by the law chosen to govern their relationship, but also submit to the competent jurisdiction where any future lawsuit may be brought against them.

Even though the transaction involves two parties located in two different states, it is possible to submit any litigation to the laws of a third state, even if neither the transaction nor the parties have any relationship with this third state. 

The corporate structure chosen for the purpose of the transaction is a major consideration, as some corporate structures can greatly minimize transaction risks and maximize the tax advantages offered in certain jurisdictions.

The services of local legal advisors are strongly recommended in major transactions. Our firm has established professional links with firms located in foreign jurisdictions to better assist you in your cross-border transactions.

Did you know that ...

The inclusion of share purchase options in the share purchase agreement may allow management to stretch out the transition period of the acquisition.


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James Fisher
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Christian Joly
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