Corporate restructures

We actively advise our clients during the corporate reorganization of a group of companies or organizations.

Prior to a transaction or for the purpose of simply maximizing certain corporate and tax advantages, it is often advisable to proceed with a corporate reorganization of separate entities that form a group of businesses.

Our legal and tax advisors can recommend the most suitable structure and the most efficient methods that will allow you to achieve the corporate and tax objectives of your corporate reorganization.

How we help you:

Memorandum of reorganization: In collaboration with your financial advisors, we will prepare the memorandum outlining the corporate reorganization while at the same time, explaining the ins and outs of the operation.


Corporate documents: We will prepare the corporate documents ensuing from the reorganization memorandum while, at the same time, communicating with any third parties whose consent is necessary.


Enacting the corporate reorganization: At the appropriate time, we complete the various steps of the reorganization in accordance with the objectives involved, and undertake the subsequent transactions if necessary.

Did you know that…

Some corporate reorganizations require the consent of third parties such as your financial institution, your landlord, and your lessors.


It is prudent to plan carefully the group’s corporate structure in such a way that when the opportunity for an major transaction arises, the company is already in a position to act quickly.


A healthy corporate structure allows for the maximizing of tax advantages for the separate entities involved, while at the same time, minimizing the operational risks in confining them to the operating entities.

Did you know that ...

At least 25% of the members of the board of directors of a federally-incorporated organization must be Canadian citizens.


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