Banking and finance

Our professionals can assist you in structuring your bank financing, during the negotiation and closing of financing offers. We can also help you with the acceptance of securities and the process of securing credit facilities. Furthermore, we can be of assistance when surety bonds and other commercial lending provisions have to be arranged.

Our firm advises several financial institutions and numerous companies. We are able to recommend the appropriate financial structures and help you finalize the necessary financing in terms of your business needs.

Our professionals play an active role in establishing guarantees and, for this reason, can advise you appropriately with regard to the applicable surety bonds and their conditions of release.

How we help you:

Financing offer and letter of intent: We take an active approach concerning the negotiation and conclusion of financing offers, as well as letters of intent, to ensure that your commercial and legal objectives have been answered.


Surety bonds and subordination of creditors’ claim: We advise entrepreneurs and creditors for the purposes of arranging surety bonds and the subordination of creditors. We help negotiate relevant provisions adapted to the circumstances of the bank financing.


Security and enforceability: We take an active role in establishing applicable guarantees with regard to the financings provided, ensuring that the rights of the parties are fully and clearly disclosed without any ambiguity.

Did you know that…

Our professionals can advise you on arranging your credit facilities, as well as negotiating the terms of repayment, the guarantees provided and the surety bonds required by the lending institution.

The guarantees related to the bank financing can be accompanied by limiting conditions favourable to the entrepreneur, in certain circumstances.

Some specific financings can be put in place even if the company can’t meet certain financial ratios.

Did you know that ...

Ongoing disclosure obligations begin the moment that the issuer is considered open.


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James Fisher
James Fisher
Mr Fisher has been actively providing legal counseling to small and medium sized clients for over twenty years.
Christian Joly
Christian Joly
Mr. Joly acts as a legal counsel for corporations for their acquisitions, the financing and their reorganization.
Louise Joseph
Louise Joseph
Ms. Joseph’s practice is oriented towards business law in advising corporations and financial institutions.